TST 507 Color Monitor 4 CAP System

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The TST 507 is the best Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on the market, and the only one that includes a color monitor. The cap sensor is very popular for those that are looking for a low-profile sensor. The Cap Sensor can be used with metal or rubber valve stems.

*This System Comes with 4 CAP Sensors

Kit Components:

  • Color Monitor
  • Comes with 4 CAP Sensors - Additional sensors are available above - Don't forget the spare tires!
  • USB/DC power supply
  • Signal Repeater
  • Rubber Dash Pad Mount
  • Suction Cup Window Mount 

Kit Features:

  • Reports pressure and temperature on Color Monitor
  • Monitor can report up to 4 trailers/towables
  • Customize each axle for high and low alert parameters
  • Cap Sensor features a user replaceable battery (CR2032)
  • The sensors will auto code to the monitor
  • Has a theft resistant feature
  • Monitor auto-scrolls through each tire reporting PSI and Temp 
  • GE Circuitry and well insulated sensors
  • Included signal repeater allows the TST 507 display monitor to read sensor signals up to 105 feet away from the monitor


  • 5
    TST tire monitoring system!

    Posted by Richard on 5th Apr 2022

    So like a lot of people when they first start camping, you don't know what you don't know. We did learn that having a monitoring system for our tires was a must. Unfortunately we were not able to buy the best so we bought cheapies. For the most part they worked okay but it was obvious that readings were not very stable and lead to some false alarms. Now, because of the amazing pricing at this store, I couldn't afford not to buy the best! The peace of mind that we get from knowing what's going on long before there is a surprise. Top quality tires are a must, next, a top quality tire monitoring system like these are another must!

  • 5
    TST tire monitoring system!

    Posted by Richard McCabe on 4th Apr 2022

    When starting out you buy what you can afford and use what looks like it works. Our first tire monitoring system was better than nothing, but just barely. The TST system at the pricing on this site made it impossible not to upgrade to the TST system. The peace of mind of knowing what is happening to the tires of your RV is amazing! I will NEVER drive without a quality tire monitoring system, Odd squad made it possible for that to happen!

  • 5
    This is a game changer!

    Posted by John Talmadge on 21st Jan 2022

    We are new to the RV full time community and this was a "must have" for our Ford F-450 and fifth wheel. So thankful to John & Mercedes for the deep discount price for paid members on the TPMS TST. We went with the CAP system and extra caps once we got our rig. We can't thank you enough!