GasStop Propane Shut Off - POL Style

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GasStop™ is the only emergency 100% shut-off safety device for bottled and portable propane systems with POL type connections. In the event of a major leak, GasStop™ will instantly and automatically shut off the flow of gas. This device is designed for propane bottles in your RV. 

If you have a propane leak in your RV, there is no device that will completely stop the flow of propane into your RV until now. The existing OPD and excess flow valves on a propane tank will not shut the propane off should you have a leak. When you use the GasStop device, you will have 100% confidence that if you have a propane leak that the propane will be shut off from your RV immediately.  

INSTALLATION is very easy. All you do is install the GasStop device directly to the propane tank, and then attach your RV propane line to the GasStop device. Now just prime the GasStop device and you are instantly protected. Remember, if you have 2 propane tanks, you will need to get 2 GasStop devices. 

GasStop™ is also very useful in helping you detect that minor leaks that occur anywhere in your propane network. 

BE SURE TO GET THE CORRECT GASSTOP DEVICE. You will either have a POL style connection or Acme style connection. Look below at the guide on choosing the correct device for your application.  



The GasStop comes with a 5 year warranty: GasStop 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty Details

Note if you have a propane fuelled generator: Many propane fuelled generators consume a large volume of propane, meaning they draw a high rate of flow. GasStop is designed to shut-off when that rate of flow exceeds 70 SCFH/75,000 BTU/hr (this is what happens during a major leak). Larger generators may ‘mimic’ this high flow rate scenario, thus effectively tripping GasStop into ‘major leak mode’. It is therefore advised that, if you have a propane fuelled generator, you check it’s propane rating (rated no higher than 70 SCFH/75,000 BTU/hr) before purchasing or using your GasStop.